Stan the Nine Entertainment Facing Crisis.
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Stan the Nine Entertainment Facing Crisis

Now is the best time for movie lovers to binge-watch. This is because the streaming service of Stan is removing some of their biggest television series by the end of this year. The company’s current contract deal with Showtime, made them to feature some highly rated movies on their platform. These shows include Nurse Jackie, Dexter, and Carlifornication. But as their deal with ViacomCBS is going to expire, the Australian streaming service are forced to take out series that are up to 500 hours. Reports have it that this media group based in the United States, are planning to gain control, and ownership of their programs, to facilitate their streaming service. This would be another addition to the long list of these kinds of platforms in the country.

ViacomCBS still has stakes in other

ViacomCBS still has stakes in other platforms like Network Ten’s All Access, after they bought the network three years ago. Since their deal with Stan nears its end, Stan will not be airing any new programs on SHOWTIME again. But viewers of ‘Billions’, are expected to watch out for new episodes for the full series that will be available on their platform. Stan Media Network, which is one of the major networks clamouring for viewers attention, could face a major blow, as Foxtel, one of their competitors, could rise in their stead. It is largely due to the new deal Foxtel signed with WarnerMedia, and everyone knows how big the company is because they are the ones supporting HBO and Cinemax.

Stan the Nine Entertainment Facing Crisis

This company has also facilitated the production of movies like Game of Thrones, the Big Bang Theory, and so on. In addition to that, WarnerMedia still launched its streaming service few weeks ago, called HBO Max. The Chief Executive Officer of Stan, will come under pressure in the next few days, since they would be losing top TV shows like Affair, House of Lies, and Happyish. As they will lack the firepower needed to compete with the others like Netflix, Binge, Hayu, and Disney Plus. Some observers are already doubting whether Stan the Nine Entertainment will have something for their viewers to look forward to, in their current state.

They will surely find it hard to get content because right now, the market is stiff, as new production companies are coming in. This is different from the tough battle for a firm to get access to content, as it is getting more difficult. The difficulty is due to the restrictions made on productions because of the current worldwide situation, which is affecting local players. During the past year, Stan has had to lose more content, as Disney made their entry into the market with their Disney+ platform.

Then they lost to Foxtel in the struggle for the HBO premium and Warner channel. Now, they are facing the imminent loss of their SHOWTIME television channels with CBS Viacom, who are ready to launch a local service next year. Although, there is no guarantee for the success of what they are planning, as they will still have to struggle with the others like Netflix, Foxtel, Binge, Disney Plus, and Stan itself.